Nicole Harte Tostevin

Nicole is a multidisciplinary designer/developer, and Art Director based in the S.F. Bay area. She is a storyteller and aspires to create work that is intuitive and embodied. She has worked with a wide range of clients from small shop startups, non-profits, to large enterprise corporations.
Nicole’s enthusiasm for innovative digital craft and her authentic presence is her shining light. She has been recognized in 10 countries for her experimental computer animation.

Nicole is an innovator and has pushed digital boundaries for over 20 years.  Her endless curiosity is contagious and she is quick to pick up new technology.


Nicole has a vast skill set; illustration, branding, motion, video, web design, app design, and print collateral. She also loves to dance.

Demo Reel

Highlights from my Client work and personal projects.

Design. Storytelling. Innovation.

I’ve always prided myself that in the fact that my work is devoted to helping clients (and companies) achieve their ambitions by using three key, mutually reinforcing criteria: exceptional design, engaging storytelling, and strategies that incorporate innovative tech. In our rapid, ever-changing world, I think this is the best way to achieve success… along with dancing!

Designer • Developer • Art Director • Animator



Logo | Marketing Collateral


Brand Promotion | Team Mentoring


Leadership | Content Creation | Digital Integration | Animation


Advertising | Marketing | Social Media


User Interface / Experience / App Design


Motion Graphics | 2D Animation

Clients & Employers

A handful of clients and projects that I have worked on

Gandhi once said, “The music of life is in danger of being lost in the music of the voice.” I often find the stories without words are the most intuitive and transformative. You can feel it. Your body knows what’s true.

~ Nicole Tostevin

“I worked with Nicole as a senior-level collaborator in the creation of the ground-breaking, award-winning video game, THE LAST EXPRESS, designed by PRINCE OF PERSIA creator Jordan Mechner. Nicole led the Art Department both creatively and managerially, creating the unique and highly stylish look and feel of the game, and successfully running a large team of animators. Her own artistic skills are impeccable, her knowledge base extremely strong, and her management was both firm and nurturing of up-and-coming talent. We were able to communicate very effectively with each other, handle with any bumps in the road together, and she and her team ultimately delivered A++ quality work. In addition, Nicki has an enthusiastic, positive personality, making for both exciting brainstorming sessions and a fun day-to-day working relationship. Highest recommendation.”

Mark Netter
VP of Strategy at Revolve Agency